Design studio / Loft / Gallery For Lease in Berlin

Notting Hill, London| Published date: 2019-07-17 13:20:45, Listing: 522
Design studio / Loft / Gallery For Lease in Berlin
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This is your chance to rent an amazing space in a historic Berlin complex. Ideal for designers, architects or as a fine art gallery space. It is a loft with an amazing view!

There are two rooms (34 & 24 m²) + one loft space including kitchen: 75 m².

Total space including bathroom: 157 m²


The location is 8 minutes from Metro station Pankow and easy access with trams and buses from Alexanderplatz or Prenzlauer Berg.

You can either rent an entire room / the loft space or you can have a partition of the studio for your own. Ideal for painters, sculptors, designers and architects. Also possible as a yoga studio or a ballet school.

+49 15259190709