Wide Selection of Wood Chipper Shredder

Lancashire - Colne | Published date: 2019-09-20 13:11:21, Listing: 787
Wide Selection of Wood Chipper Shredder
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The PSD Groundscare range of Wood Chipper shredders is supplied by Eliet and TS Industrie both of which are leading European manufacturers and experts in the field of shredding both green waste and wood. Whatever your requirements from small electric wood chipper shredder to the largest of commercial uses by contractors or local authority, PSD Groundscare have the solution to your wood chipper shredder needs. GS/Jaguar 45DS Chipper-Shredder has 40 cm wide feed belt with teeth to ensure enhanced feed of fine material. Its DRI-system noise insulation casing permits ease of access to all components. Its specifications are as follows:

Display SKU: GS/Jaguar 45DS
Manufacturer: TS Industrie
Model: GS/Jaguar 45DS
Engine Power: 45 hp
Engine Make: Kubota
Material Diameter: 18 cm
Overall Dimensions: 4430 x 1780 x 2380 mm
Weight: 1,365kg
Capacity: 32 m3/h.
Blade Type: knives
No. of Blades: 6